Suraloka Interactive Zoo: Educational Adventures for Families

Praptami Windy S.

Children and adults exploring dinosaur statues at Suraloka Interactive Zoo.
Families enjoy the life-sized dinosaur statues at Suraloka Interactive Zoo. (Source:

At Suraloka Interactive Zoo, your family embarks on thrilling educational adventures. Marvel at exotic animals like caracals and capybaras, and enjoy interactive activities such as feeding birds and riding the Thomas Train. The zoo’s programs teach about conservation and animal care, making your visit both fun and enlightening. Well-paved roads lead north from Yogyakarta, ensuring hassle-free travel.

The zoo’s facilities include dining options, indoor play areas, and clean amenities, providing a comfortable experience. As you explore, you’ll create unforgettable memories while learning about the natural world together.

Discover more engaging details ahead.

Location and How to get to Suraloka Interactive Zoo

Dinosaur statues and eggs at Suraloka Interactive Zoo.
A fascinating dinosaur egg display captivates visitors at Suraloka Interactive Zoo. (@ dewi.nurhidayati/Instagram)

Head north from the center of Yogyakarta towards Kaliurang to reach Suraloka Interactive Zoo. The well-paved roads ensure a smooth and comfortable journey. If you don’t have your own vehicle, taxis or ride-hailing services are readily available. Buses also serve this route, although they can be a bit slower.

As you approach Taman Rekreasi Kaliurang, follow the signs for Hotel Griya Persada. This scenic route offers plenty of viewpoints where you can stop and enjoy the lush landscapes. For an alternative route, consider taking smaller side roads that offer less traffic and more picturesque scenery, though they might be a bit bumpier.

Upon arrival at Suraloka Interactive Zoo, ample parking options are available. The zoo provides a spacious parking area right next to the entrance, making access easy. Whether traveling by car, bus, or bike, parking is hassle-free and convenient.

The journey to Suraloka Interactive Zoo is straightforward, with multiple transportation options, well-maintained roads, and beautiful scenic viewpoints along the way.

Operating Hours and Ticket Prices at Suraloka Interactive Zoo

Children touch a large snake held by a zookeeper at Suraloka Interactive Zoo.
Kids experience the thrill of touching a large snake at Suraloka Interactive Zoo. (Source:

Suraloka Interactive Zoo welcomes visitors daily from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM, ensuring ample time for exploration and enjoyment. The entrance ticket is Rp 30,000, and children under 1 year old can enter for free.

Several ride packages cater to different interests. For example, Package 1 for Rp 55,000 includes the Rabbit Area and Thomas Train, while Package 4 for Rp 150,000 offers a comprehensive experience with high ropes, flying fox, and more.

Look out for ticket discounts and seasonal promotions to enhance your visit. The zoo often hosts special events featuring discounted entry or unique activities. If you’re visiting with a group, inquire about group rates to make the experience more affordable.

Consider becoming a member to enjoy benefits such as unlimited access and exclusive offers. The zoo also occasionally runs seasonal promotions, so timing your visit during these periods can provide additional savings.

With flexible pricing options and special deals, Suraloka Interactive Zoo ensures that every family can enjoy a memorable adventure, tailored to their preferences and budget.

Animal Collections at Suraloka Interactive Zoo

A family feeding alpacas at Suraloka Interactive Zoo.
A family enjoys feeding friendly alpacas at Suraloka Interactive Zoo. (@cha2kiyut/Instagram)

Suraloka Interactive Zoo offers a varied collection of animals, ensuring an engaging and educational experience for all visitors. Encounter mammals such as the agile caracals, social capybaras, playful squirrel monkeys and more.

Reptile enthusiasts can marvel at iguanas and spiny-tailed lizards, while bird lovers will be enchanted by the Javan myna and green peafowl. The zoo also features a fascinating array of fish and amphibians, showcasing the diversity of aquatic life.

Animal interactions are a highlight, allowing you to touch, feed, and even take selfies with some of these unique species. These encounters aren’t only fun but also educational, helping you learn about animal behavior and conservation efforts.

The zoo’s educational programs delve deeper into these topics, offering valuable insights into the importance of protecting wildlife. For an even more immersive experience, join one of the behind-the-scenes tours.

These tours give you a glimpse into the daily care and conservation efforts that go into maintaining the zoo’s diverse animal collection. With so much to see and do, Suraloka Interactive Zoo offers an unforgettable adventure for families and animal enthusiasts alike.

Interactive Activities at Suraloka Interactive Zoo

A woman holding a black cockatoo at the aviary in Suraloka Interactive Zoo.
Visitors can hold and take photos with various birds in the aviary at Suraloka Interactive Zoo. (@nitadevandra/Instagram)

Experience a variety of interactive activities that guarantee your visit to Suraloka Interactive Zoo is both fun and educational. In the Bird Zone, you’ll get up close and personal with various bird species.

For the little ones, the Rabbit Area offers a delightful experience interacting with rabbits and Dutch mice.

Feeding experiences add another layer of excitement. Purchase bird feed to hand-feed birds directly, or opt for animal food packages to learn about different animals’ diets while feeding them.

Adventure activities, such as the Thomas Train Ride, flying fox, and high rope course, provide thrilling experiences suitable for all ages.

AR games blend technology with nature, creating an immersive way to learn about animals and their habitats. You’ll also find plenty of photo opportunities throughout the zoo. Capture memories with dinosaur statues or against scenic natural backdrops.

These activities ensure that your visit isn’t just about observing animals but actively engaging with them. Learn through hands-on experiences and make lasting memories with your family.

Facilities at Suraloka Interactive Zoo

A family posing inside the Green House at Suraloka Interactive Zoo.
A family enjoys exploring various plants inside the Green House at Suraloka Interactive Zoo. (@cha2kiyut/Instagram)

Discovering the facilities at Suraloka Interactive Zoo guarantees a comfortable and delightful experience for all guests. Ample parking amenities are available directly in front of the zoo, accommodating everything from motorcycles to big buses. Inside, clean and well-maintained toilets and a prayer room ensure a convenient and stress-free visit.

When hunger strikes, various dining options are on hand. Suraloka Resto and several cafes offer meals, snacks, and beverages to cater to all tastes. For children, the indoor play areas provide a safe and entertaining environment, though a small fee is required.

Animal encounters are a highlight at the zoo. Interact with birds in the Bird Zone, which is included in your entrance ticket, or visit the Rabbit Area for a small additional fee. The zoo also features exciting rides and adventure activities like the Thomas Train Ride, flying fox, and high rope course.

Be sure to explore the gift shop, where a range of zoo-themed souvenirs and merchandise awaits. The serene Orchid House offers a perfect spot for relaxation, rounding out an educational and adventurous day at Suraloka Interactive Zoo.

Best Time to Visit

A family feeding ostriches at Suraloka Interactive Zoo.
A family interacts with ostriches by feeding them at Suraloka Interactive Zoo. (@cha2kiyut/Instagram)

The best time to visit Suraloka Interactive Zoo is during the dry season from May to September, when the weather is sunny and pleasant. This period provides ideal conditions for outdoor adventures and wildlife encounters, ensuring your family fun isn’t interrupted by rain.

Arriving in the morning, just as the zoo opens at 09:00 AM, allows you to enjoy the animals at their most active, enriching your interactive experiences.

Weekdays are perfect for a relaxed visit, as you’ll avoid the larger weekend crowds, making it easier to participate in learning opportunities and get closer to the animals.

During school holidays, the zoo can get quite busy, so plan accordingly if you prefer a quieter experience.

The dry season not only offers comfortable weather but also ensures that all the zoo’s features are fully operational. Whether engaging with animals in feeding sessions, exploring the high rope course, or enjoying augmented reality games, the pleasant conditions elevate every moment.

Checking the weather forecast before your visit, especially during transition months, helps you avoid unexpected rain, guaranteeing a smooth, educational, and enjoyable day at Suraloka Interactive Zoo.

Tips for Visitors

Arriving early around 09:00 AM at Suraloka Interactive Zoo allows you to beat the crowds and enjoy a cooler, more comfortable experience. Wearing comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes is essential, as you’ll be exploring various outdoor areas. Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated, and pack some snacks, especially if you’re visiting with children.

Family-friendly attractions like the Thomas Train Ride and animal encounters provide memorable experiences. Don’t forget your camera or smartphone; there are numerous Instagram-worthy spots for great photography. For the best photos, use natural light, capture candid moments, and focus on the animals’ natural behaviors.

Engage in behind-the-scenes experiences and educational programs to learn about the zoo’s conservation efforts. These programs offer insights into how the zoo cares for its animals and supports wildlife preservation. Always respect the animals by maintaining a safe distance and avoiding loud noises or tapping on enclosures.

Nearby Attractions of Suraloka Interactive Zoo

A visit to Suraloka Interactive Zoo wouldn’t be complete without exploring the nearby attractions that offer a rich blend of culture, history, and adventure. Just a short drive away, you can embark on an exploration of Borobudur Temple, one of the world’s largest Buddhist temples. With its intricate carvings and breathtaking sunrise views, Borobudur provides a serene and enlightening experience.

Next, delve into the discovery of Prambanan Temple, where you can marvel at Indonesia’s largest Hindu temple complex. The towering spires and detailed stone carvings showcase ancient Javanese architecture. Cultural performances, such as the mesmerizing Ramayana Ballet, shouldn’t be missed.

For thrill-seekers, a Merapi adventure awaits. Located close to the zoo, Mount Merapi offers guided treks and exhilarating jeep tours, providing stunning views of the volcanic landscape.

An Ullen Sentalu tour offers a comprehensive exploration into Javanese art and heritage. The museum’s well-curated exhibits and beautiful garden setting make it an enriching visit.

Lastly, a visit to Lost World Castle adds a touch of medieval charm. This unique attraction, resembling a European castle, provides fantastic photo opportunities and themed areas, all set against the backdrop of Mount Merapi’s slopes.


Are There Any Special Programs for School Groups at Suraloka Interactive Zoo?

Suraloka Interactive Zoo offers special programs designed specifically for school groups. These include animal interactions, guided tours, and educational workshops.

Students can also participate in conservation talks and benefit from custom itineraries tailored to their group’s needs.

This is a fantastic opportunity for students to learn about wildlife, conservation, and the environment in an engaging, hands-on way.

Don’t miss out on this educational adventure!

What Are the Health and Safety Measures in Place at the Zoo?

Sanitization stations are located throughout the zoo to help keep your hands clean.

Mask policies are strictly enforced to ensure everyone’s safety.

First aid stations are available for any minor injuries, and clear social distancing markers help maintain space between visitors.

Emergency protocols are in place, with staff trained to handle various situations, ensuring a safe and enjoyable visit for everyone.

Can I Host a Birthday Party or Event at the Zoo?

Absolutely, you can host a birthday party or event at the zoo! Imagine your special day surrounded by exotic animals. The zoo offers birthday packages that include event planning, custom themes, catering options, and private tours.

Various themes are available to make the day unique. Catering ensures your guests are well-fed, and private tours provide an exclusive look at the zoo, making your event unforgettable.

Are There Discounts Available for Large Groups or Memberships?

Yes, discounts are available! Large groups can benefit from special group rates, making visits more affordable.

Membership perks include free visits, exclusive events, and discounts on food and souvenirs.

Seasonal discounts and family packages offer great savings during certain times of the year.

Be sure to check for early bird specials, which provide additional savings if you plan ahead.

Is the Zoo Accessible for Visitors With Disabilities?

The zoo is accessible for visitors with disabilities. Wheelchair ramps are installed throughout the park to make navigation easier.

Accessible restrooms are available, ensuring comfort for everyone.

Sensory guides are provided to help visitors with sensory sensitivities enjoy their visit.

Braille maps are available to assist those with visual impairments.
Assistance animals are also welcomed.

These features ensure that everyone can have an enjoyable and inclusive experience at the zoo.


Suraloka Interactive Zoo provides an unforgettable blend of education and adventure for families. Enriching activities await, from feeding animals to enjoying thrilling rides. This ensures everyone learns and has fun.

Excellent facilities, such as clean restrooms and cozy cafes, make your visit comfortable. Plan your trip to Suraloka Interactive Zoo for a unique, engaging experience that’s both fun and educational.

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity for family bonding and discovery!



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