Gembira Loka Zoo: Explore Yogyakarta’s Animal Kingdom

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A visitor interacts with an elephant at Gembira Loka Zoo.
A visitor reaches out to an elephant at Gembira Loka Zoo. (Benedictus Oktaviantoro/

Discover Yogyakarta’s Gembira Loka Zoo, home to over 100 thriving animal species. The zoo is easily accessible and well-signposted, making navigation a breeze. It offers more than just animal viewing, providing immersive educational experiences as well. Open daily except Fridays, ticket prices vary depending on the day, and children under 80 cm tall enter for free.

Marvel at different zones like Zona Burung (Bird Zone) and Zona Reptil (Reptile Zone). Enjoy interactive activities such as animal feeding, and catch fascinating shows, including parrot and orangutan performances.

With a rich history and dedicated conservation efforts, Gembira Loka Zoo guarantees a memorable visit for all ages. Plan your visit carefully to uncover more enthralling details about this vibrant animal kingdom.

Location and How to get to Gembira Loka Zoo

Gembira Loka Zoo is centrally located in Yogyakarta at Jl. Kebun Raya No. 2, Rejowinangun, Kotagede. This popular destination is easy to find and is well-signposted.

From the city center, you can reach the zoo in about 15 minutes by car or motorcycle. Public transportation, including buses and taxis, is also available for those without personal vehicles.

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, getting to Gembira Loka Zoo is simple and convenient, leading you to one of Yogyakarta’s top attractions.

Operating Hours and Ticket Prices at Gembira Loka Zoo

Gembira Loka Zoo in Yogyakarta is open every day except Friday. Operating hours are from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM on weekends and holidays, and from 8:00 PM to 4:00 PM on weekdays.

Ticket prices are Rp 60,000 per person on weekdays and Rp 75,000 per person on weekends and holidays. Children under 80 cm tall can enter for free. Look out for special promotions during holidays for additional discounts.

History of Gembira Loka Zoo

A deer looking at the camera at Gembira Loka Zoo.
A curious deer at Gembira Loka Zoo. (Benedictus Oktaviantoro/

Gembira Loka Zoo’s affordable ticket prices and engaging exhibits are rooted in a rich history that dates back to its establishment in 1959 by Yayasan Gembira Loka Yogyakarta. Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX, the zoo’s founder, envisioned a space where people could connect with wildlife and nature.

The early years saw the development of various habitats and the introduction of diverse animal species, laying the foundation for what the zoo would become.

In its initial stages, Gembira Loka Zoo faced challenges in fund allocation and animal acquisition. Yet, the founder’s dedication and community support helped overcome these obstacles.

The zoo’s history reflects a journey of growth and sustainability, transforming from a modest collection of local fauna into a comprehensive wildlife sanctuary.

Attractions and Activities at Gembira Loka Zoo

Gembira Loka Zoo offers captivating animal exhibits featuring creatures from around the world, including elephants, tigers, and colorful birds.

Interactive experiences are also available, such as feeding sessions at the Petting Zoo and witnessing the majestic Komodo Dragon up close.

For added excitement, enjoy entertaining shows with counting parrots and cycling orangutans that showcase the animals’ amazing abilities.

Animal Exhibits

A saltwater crocodile resting near the water at Gembira Loka Zoo.
A saltwater crocodile rests by the water at Gembira Loka Zoo. (Benedictus Oktaviantoro/
A peacock with its feathers fully spread at Gembira Loka Zoo.
A beautiful peacock shows off its feathers at Gembira Loka Zoo. (Benedictus Oktaviantoro/
A group of flamingos standing in shallow water at Gembira Loka Zoo.
Flamingos enjoy the water at Gembira Loka Zoo. (Benedictus Oktaviantoro/
A Javan Hawk-Eagle perched at Gembira Loka Zoo.
A majestic Javan Hawk-Eagle at Gembira Loka Zoo. (Benedictus Oktaviantoro/
An arapaima gigas fish underwater at Gembira Loka Zoo.
An arapaima gigas swims in its exhibit at Gembira Loka Zoo. (Benedictus Oktaviantoro/

Visiting Gembira Loka Zoo offers a fascinating array of animal exhibits and interactive activities designed to delight and educate visitors of all ages. The zoo boasts an impressive collection of animals, from majestic elephants and fierce tigers to playful monkeys and colorful birds. Each exhibit is carefully crafted to provide an enriching experience for both the animals and visitors.

To make your visit even more engaging, explore the interactive exhibits and educational tours available. These experiences provide deeper insights into the lives and habitats of the animals, making your visit both fun and informative.

  • Zona Burung (Bird Zone): Marvel at a variety of bird species from around the world.
  • Zona Cakar (Claw Zone): Observe carnivorous animals like Sumatran tigers and African lions.
  • Zona Mamalia (Mammal Zone): See mammals such as Sumatran elephants and Brazilian tapirs.
  • Zona Primata (Primate Zone): Meet primates like chimpanzees and orangutans.
  • Zona Reptil (Reptile Zone): Discover reptiles including Aldabra tortoises and Burmese pythons.

With these exciting animal exhibits and interactive opportunities, Gembira Loka Zoo guarantees a memorable visit for everyone. Be sure to take full advantage of the educational tours to enrich your understanding and appreciation of wildlife.

Interactive Experiences

A child and an adult catching fish in the pond at Gembira Loka Zoo.
A child enjoys catching fish at the Gembira Loka Zoo pond. (Benedictus Oktaviantoro/

Discovering the interactive experiences at Gembira Loka Zoo unveils a wealth of attractions and activities designed to engage and educate visitors of all ages.

One of the most exciting opportunities is animal feeding, where you can get up close and personal with various creatures. Imagine the thrill of feeding a zebra or a playful monkey! This hands-on interaction fosters a deeper connection with the animals and provides a memorable experience.

Children’s activities at the zoo are plentiful and specially curated to spark curiosity and learning. The petting zoo is a favorite, allowing kids to interact with and feed gentle animals like donkeys, ponies, and goats. These activities aren’t only fun but also educational, teaching children about animal behavior and care.

Zoo events offer unique experiences throughout the year. Whether it’s a special exhibit featuring exotic animals or themed educational programs, there’s always something new to uncover. These events provide an excellent opportunity to learn about different species and conservation efforts.

Shows and Performances

The entertainment at Gembira Loka Zoo is just as engaging as the interactive experiences, featuring a variety of shows and performances that captivate visitors of all ages. These shows combine fun with learning, making them essential during your visit. The zoo’s lineup includes fascinating educational presentations that showcase the talents and behaviors of different animals while providing insights into their natural habitats and conservation efforts.

  • Parrot Shows: Marvel at these intelligent birds as they perform tricks, including counting and mimicking human speech.
  • Orangutan Performances: Delight in watching orangutans ride bicycles and engage in playful antics.
  • Bird Feeding Sessions: Join interactive feeding sessions for close-up animal interactions.
  • Reptile Encounters: Discover various reptiles through engaging demonstrations that highlight their unique characteristics.
  • Educational Talks: Attend presentations on topics ranging from animal behavior to conservation, perfect for the curious mind.

These shows and performances aim to entertain while educating, ensuring you leave with both a smile and newfound knowledge. Whether you’re fascinated by clever parrots or mesmerized by majestic reptiles, the entertainment at Gembira Loka Zoo promises a delightful and informative experience for everyone.

Educational Opportunities at Gembira Loka Zoo

Gembira Loka Zoo offers a variety of educational opportunities that allow you to delve deeply into the fascinating world of wildlife conservation and animal behavior. Engaging educational presentations highlight the zoo’s efforts in wildlife conservation, emphasizing the importance of protecting diverse wildlife. These sessions cover crucial topics such as animal behavior, habitat preservation, and the challenges of conserving endangered species.

Animal interaction programs provide hands-on and personal experiences with the animals. Imagine feeding a gentle deer or watching a colorful parrot mimic sounds right before your eyes. These activities are designed to foster a deeper connection with the animals, enhancing your awareness of their needs and the importance of their habitats.

The zoo is home to a wide range of species, from majestic elephants to agile monkeys. Each encounter offers a unique learning opportunity, helping you understand how different animals adapt to their environments.

The Petting Zoo area, in particular, allows for direct interaction, providing a hands-on experience that’s both fun and educational.

Facilities at Gembira Loka Zoo

A boat-shaped restaurant on a lake at Gembira Loka Zoo.
The Mayang Tirta boat restaurant offers a relaxing view of the lake at Gembira Loka Zoo. (Benedictus Oktaviantoro/

Visitors to Gembira Loka Zoo will find a wide array of facilities designed to enhance their experience and comfort. As you explore this vibrant animal kingdom, you’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness behind each amenity, ensuring your visit is enjoyable and memorable.

The zoo offers several key facilities to make your visit more convenient:

  • Mayang Tirta Resto & Cafe: A perfect spot to relax and grab a bite, the cafe serves a variety of snacks and drinks to keep you refreshed.
  • Zoo Souvenirs: The souvenir shop is a must-visit, offering mementos to remember your visit.
  • Rest Areas: Scattered throughout the zoo, these areas provide comfortable seating and shade, allowing you to rest between exploring different exhibits.
  • Zoo Safety: Safety is a priority, with clear signage, trained staff, and first aid stations ensuring a secure environment for all visitors.
  • Toilets and Prayer Rooms: Clean and accessible, these facilities cater to the needs of all guests, making your visit more comfortable.

Well-maintained paths and informative signage help you navigate easily, enhancing your overall experience. With these amenities, Gembira Loka Zoo guarantees a delightful adventure for every visitor.

Special Events and Exhibitions at Gembira Loka Zoo

A Komodo dragon resting on the ground at Gembira Loka Zoo.
A Komodo dragon lounges in its habitat at Gembira Loka Zoo. (Benedictus Oktaviantoro/

While enjoying the various amenities at Gembira Loka Zoo, be sure not to miss the special events and exhibitions that add even more excitement to your visit. The zoo frequently hosts unique exhibitions showcasing rare animals and fascinating wildlife themes. These immersive experiences are designed to educate and entertain visitors of all ages, leaving you enthralled.

Throughout the year, Gembira Loka Zoo offers promotions with discounted tickets, particularly during holiday activities. For example, during Eid al-Fitr, the zoo introduces exclusive packages like the Elang Jawa and Sinyulong, which include entrance tickets and fun vouchers for activities such as bumper boats and fish therapy. These promotions make it easier for families to enjoy the zoo without breaking the bank.

Special events at Gembira Loka Zoo also feature seasonal exhibitions highlighting different aspects of wildlife. The Komodo Dragon Experience, for instance, allows you to learn about these magnificent creatures’ behavior and feeding habits. Additionally, holiday activities often include interactive sessions with zookeepers and animals, providing a deeper understanding of conservation efforts.

Check the zoo’s schedule and participate in these enriching events to make the most of your visit.

Best Time to Visit

To make the most of your trip to Gembira Loka Zoo, plan your visit during weekdays when the crowd is thinner and the experience is more relaxed. Avoid weekends and holidays if you prefer a quieter environment to discover the zoo’s extensive animal collection and facilities.

Gembira Loka Zoo hours are from 08:00 AM to 04:00 PM on weekends and holidays, and from 08:30 AM to 04:00 PM on weekdays. These hours give you ample time to enjoy the zoo’s attractions, including the Komodo Dragon Experience, various animal shows, and the relaxing Mayang Tirta Cafe & Resto.

Weekdays offer several advantages:

  • Fewer visitors: Enjoy a more personal and less crowded experience.
  • Better interaction: More opportunities to interact with animals without long lines.
  • Peaceful atmosphere: A quieter environment makes for a more enjoyable visit.
  • Easier navigation: Move around the zoo more freely without the weekend rush.
  • Enhanced experience: Take your time at exhibits and shows for a richer experience.

Practical Tips for Visitors

Visitors walking under an arch at the exit of Gembira Loka Zoo.
Visitors walking through the exit gate of Gembira Loka Zoo. (Benedictus Oktaviantoro/

Maximize your visit to Gembira Loka Zoo by planning ahead and following these practical tips. Arriving early allows you to avoid crowds and enjoy the zoo’s attractions at a leisurely pace. Weekdays tend to be less crowded than weekends, making them an ideal time for a family trip. Note that the zoo is closed on Fridays, so plan accordingly.

Wear comfortable shoes and bring a hat, sunscreen, and water to stay hydrated and protected from the sun. Download a map of the zoo beforehand to familiarize yourself with the layout and locate your must-see attractions, such as the Komodo Dragon exhibit and the Bird Park.

Pack a picnic or enjoy a meal at one of the zoo’s cafes, including the unique Mayang Tirta ship-shaped structure. The animal shows are both entertaining and educational, enhancing your overall experience at Gembira Loka Zoo.

For families, the petting zoo is a hit with kids, offering direct interaction with friendly animals. Take advantage of the available facilities, such as prayer rooms and ample parking, to ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit. By following these tips, you’ll make the most of your time exploring Yogyakarta’s animal kingdom.


Visiting Gembira Loka Zoo is like opening a treasure chest of wonder, with each animal encounter being a precious gem. From the majestic elephants to the playful orangutans, every moment creates a lasting memory.

The zoo offers a wide array of attractions, educational opportunities, and convenient facilities. Gembira Loka Zoo isn’t just a trip—it’s a journey into the heart of Yogyakarta’s vibrant wildlife.

Don’t wait; let the adventure unfold before your eyes.



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