Delicious Sea Cucumber Peyek: A Healthful Delight

Praptami Windy S.

A tray filled with crispy sea cucumber peyek, a traditional Indonesian snack made from sea cucumbers and rice flour batter. The golden-brown peyek pieces are stacked on the tray, showcasing the small, round sea cucumbers embedded in the crunchy batter.
Fresh batches of sea cucumber peyek, ready to be enjoyed, offer a unique and tasty snacking experience at Glagah Beach. (Source: Instagram: @dizahelegant_mommyadp)

Try sea cucumber peyek from Kulon Progo, a crispy, tasty snack made with rice flour, garlic, and coconut milk. Although they might look a bit strange, like little sea critters, they’re delicious and good for you.

Packed with nutrients, sea cucumber peyek helps manage blood sugar and supports heart health. They are also super affordable at just Rp 5,000 per pack, making them perfect for a beachside munch at Glagah Beach.

Lime leaves are included in the mix to nix any fishy smell, offering a truly unique and delightful bite.

Want to discover more about this coastal treasure?

Characteristics of Sea Cucumber Peyek

Sea cucumber peyek is a unique snack made from small, round sea cucumbers that fishermen often find along the coast. These tiny creatures, with their distinct round shape, are found in coastal abundance. It’s like they’re just waiting to be transformed into something delicious!

Walking along the beach, you might spot these odd, insect-like sea cucumbers, which are actually quite plentiful in coastal areas. Their round shape makes them easy to identify and collect, ensuring a fresh supply for your peyek.

The next time you’re at the coast, keep an eye out for these little wonders, and you might just find yourself inspired to make some peyek too!

Culinary Delight in Kulon Progo

Kulon Progo transforms sea cucumbers into a tempting local delicacy, offering a unique culinary experience you won’t want to miss. The preparation process for this delightful snack is similar to making other crispy treats. Start with rice flour, candlenut, garlic, coconut milk, and spices. Add a touch of lime leaves to remove the fishy smell, making it even more enticing.

Imagine biting into a crispy, savory piece that’s packed with flavor—it’s absolutely delicious! This local delicacy is more than just tasty; it’s a demonstration of the region’s culinary creativity. If you find yourself in Kulon Progo, don’t miss out on trying this exceptional snack. Your taste buds will thank you!

Health Benefits and Availability

Sea Cucumber Peyek, despite its unassuming appearance, offers remarkable health benefits and is conveniently available at Glagah Beach for just Rp 5,000 per pack. This delightful snack isn’t only affordable but also bursting with essential nutrients that help lower blood sugar levels, making it ideal for diabetes patients. It’s also believed to aid in stroke prevention.

  • Boosts overall health: Rich in nutrients.
  • Diabetes-friendly: Helps manage blood sugar.
  • Stroke prevention: Supports cardiovascular health.
  • Affordable: Just Rp 5,000 per pack.
  • Convenient availability: Easily found at Glagah Beach.

With its delicious taste and impressive health perks, Sea Cucumber Peyek is a must-try!


When you find yourself exploring Glagah Beach, make sure to try Sea Cucumber Peyek. This local treat is crunchy, flavorful, and packed with health benefits. Each bite offers a delightful combination of rice flour, candlenut, garlic, and coconut milk, enhanced by the subtle zing of lime leaves.

At just Rp 5,000, it’s an affordable indulgence. Enjoy this delicious snack, boost your well-being, and experience a cherished part of Kulon Progo’s culinary heritage.



Praptami Windy S.

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