Ocean Ship Samudraraksa Museum: A Maritime Journey

Praptami Windy S.

Front entrance of Ocean Ship Samudraraksa Museum with a large banner and greenery.
The welcoming entrance of the Ocean Ship Samudraraksa Museum at Borobudur Temple Tourism Park. (Source: Kemdikbud.go.id)

Ready to embark on a maritime escapade at the Ocean Ship Samudraraksa Museum in Indonesia? Discover the seafaring treasures of the archipelago aboard a fascinating replica ship.

Engage in hands-on activities to test your skills and craftsmanship like ancient Indonesian sailors. Interactive exhibits immerse you in the vibrant maritime culture, transporting you back in time.

Step aboard the Samudra Raksa Ship for a unique journey through Indonesia’s maritime history. Delve into an enthralling adventure that will leave you in awe of the region’s rich seafaring traditions.

Museum Location and Access

To guarantee a comfortable and memorable visit to the Ocean Ship Samudraraksa Museum at the Borobudur Temple Tourism Park in Magelang, Indonesia, you can easily reach the site within 1 hour and 15 minutes from Yogyakarta, covering a distance of 42 kilometers. Planning your visit is straightforward with various transportation options available, including convenient buses or taxis.

Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted with a range of visitor amenities to enhance your experience. The museum offers facilities such as clean restrooms, seating areas for relaxation, and a gift shop where you can pick up unique souvenirs.

If you need a break from exploring the exhibits, there are cozy spots to grab a snack or a refreshing drink. These thoughtful touches ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable visit to the Ocean Ship Samudraraksa Museum.

Operating Hours and Ticket Information

The Ocean Ship Samudraraksa Museum operates daily from 08:00 to 15:30 WIB, offering visitors a comprehensive insight into Indonesia’s maritime history. No reservations are needed, making it easy to immerse yourself in the maritime wonders whenever you feel the urge.

For a budget-friendly adventure, grab a combined ticket with Borobudur Temple, priced at Rp42,500 for students and Rp65,000 for the general public. This way, you get double the fun at a great value!

Get ready to discover interactive exhibits that will transport you through Indonesia’s seafaring past. Don’t forget your socks—a must for the immersive experience.

Set sail to the Ocean Ship Samudraraksa Museum and get ready for a voyage of discovery!

Collections and Interactive Experience

Visitors exploring interactive exhibits and the Samudraraksa Ship inside the museum.
Visitors enjoying the interactive cinema and the Samudraraksa Ship exhibit at the museum. (Naila Nihayah/Radar Jogja)

Explore the diverse collection and interactive exhibits at Ocean Ship Samudraraksa Museum to immerse yourself in Indonesia’s rich maritime history. The intricate maritime artifacts on display showcase the seafaring traditions of the archipelago. Engage in hands-on activities that bring the maritime past to life, allowing you to experience firsthand the skills and crafts of ancient Indonesian sailors.

Navigate the seas and trade goods through interactive experiences at the museum, offering a glimpse into the vibrant maritime culture that has shaped Indonesia’s history. Step aboard the Samudra Raksa Ship replica and imagine yourself sailing the ancient waters.

Get ready to set out on a maritime journey like no other as you delve into the fascinating world of Indonesian seafaring history.


Discover Indonesia’s maritime history at the Ocean Ship Samudraraksa Museum. This captivating destination invites you to explore centuries of seafaring heritage in a visually stunning and engaging setting.

Interactive exhibits and an impressive ship replica ensure there’s something for everyone. Grab your socks and set sail on a journey like no other. Experience the adventure that awaits!



Praptami Windy S.

Praptami Windy S. is a language teacher who loves to travel. She is very passionate about Indonesia's cultural heritage and enjoys exploring the outdoors. Praptami shares her adventures and discoveries of hidden gems, such as beautiful temples and unique places that are not well-known. She wants to inspire others to appreciate and explore the rich culture and natural beauty of Indonesia.