Watulawang Beach: Serenity Amidst Coral Formations

Benedictus O.

Sunset view at Watulawang Beach with rocky shore and bamboo bridge.
Watulawang Beach at sunset, showcasing its peaceful shore and iconic bamboo bridge. (@syammr/Instagram)

Picture yourself unwinding at Watulawang Beach in Tepus, Gunungkidul, surrounded by mesmerizing coral formations and a peaceful vibe.

The beach splits into two sections—relax on the quiet west side or immerse yourself in fun on the east.

The mystical Watulawang Cave awaits, offering a touch of local tradition.

Wander across a charming bamboo bridge to a tiny coral island for some cool photo ops.

With an affordable entry fee of Rp 10,000, it’s the perfect spot for a carefree retreat.

Ready for a scenic journey filled with cultural richness and natural beauty? There’s so much more to discover!

Overview of Watulawang Beach

Sandy beach at Watulawang Beach with rocky shore and hillside houses.
Watulawang Beach on a sunny day, featuring sandy shores and hillside houses. (@ixotransport/Instagram)
Woman in a yellow dress walking on the sandy shore of Watulawang Beach.
A peaceful walk on the sandy shore of Watulawang Beach. (@norel08/Instagram)

Located in Tepus, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta, Watulawang Beach is a serene getaway divided by a striking coral hill. The beach is split into two distinct parts, each offering its own charm.

On the west side, you’ll find a smaller, more intimate area perfect for quiet time. The east side boasts a larger expanse where you can partake in various beach activities such as sunbathing or playing in the sand.

The coral formations here are mesmerizing and provide a unique backdrop for your adventures. Whether you’re investigating tide pools or just enjoying the view, the coral structures add a special touch.

Grab your sunscreen and camera, and get ready to soak up the serene beauty of Watulawang Beach!

Unique Features at Watulawang Beach

Woman standing between large rocks at Watulawang Beach.
Discovering the unique rock formations at Watulawang Beach. (@ixotransport/Instagram)

Watulawang Beach’s unique features include the Watulawang Cave, renowned as a site for traditional ceremonies such as Sadranan or Nyadran. These cultural events connect locals to their ancestors and the sea, offering a fascinating glimpse into the area’s heritage.

Imagine exploring:

  • A small coral island, accessible by a charming bamboo bridge, perfect for photo ops.
  • Watulawang Cave, a mystical spot where annual rituals take place, adding a touch of local mystique.
  • Unique rock formations, creating natural boundaries and picturesque views.

The beach’s serene ambiance, coupled with its cultural richness, makes it a must-visit. Here, immersion in nature and deep traditions makes Watulawang Beach truly special.

Admission and Operating Hours at Watulawang Beach

For those eager to experience Watulawang Beach’s unique features and cultural richness, the admission and operating hours are both accommodating and affordable. The entrance fee is a mere Rp 10,000, which, according to visitor reviews, is a steal for such a serene getaway.

Separate parking fees apply for motorcycles and cars, at Rp 3,000 and Rp 5,000 respectively. One of the best parts: the beach is open 24 hours a day. This allows you to catch the sunrise, enjoy a full day of exploration, or even stargaze.

Visitors consistently praise the beach’s clean environment and peaceful ambiance. So pack your bags, grab your camera, and get ready for a memorable adventure at Watulawang Beach!

Travel Directions to Watulawang Beach

Woman standing on the sandy shore of Watulawang Beach with rocky outcrops and a bamboo bridge in the background.
Enjoying a sunny day on the beautiful sands of Watulawang Beach. (@gektataaa/Instagram)
Girl enjoying a picnic with snacks and drinks at Watulawang Beach.
A relaxing picnic on the sandy shores of Watulawang Beach. (@gektataaa/Instagram)

To reach the serene Watulawang Beach, begin your journey from Alun-alun Gunungkidul. Follow a straightforward route through picturesque rice fields and well-paved roads. Appreciate the scenic views as you drive, enjoying the lush greenery and traditional Javanese houses dotting the landscape.

Here are some road trip suggestions to enrich your experience:

  • Stop for a snack: Grab local delicacies at roadside stalls.
  • Photo ops: Capture stunning shots of the rice fields and distant hills.
  • Stretch breaks: Take a breather and admire the surroundings.

The drive takes about two hours, offering a mix of tranquility and adventure. Make sure you’ve got a good playlist, a full tank of gas, and a spirit ready for exploration!

Nearby Attractions at Watulawang Beach

As you reach the tranquil shores of Watulawang Beach, you’ll find a wealth of nearby attractions that further enrich your coastal adventure.

A short drive takes you to Indrayanti Beach, where stunning shorelines and pristine sands await. It’s an ideal spot to relax and unwind. The mesmerizing sunset views here are nothing short of magical.

For a bit of variety, venture to Trenggole Beach and Pok Tunggal Beach. Each location offers unique landscapes and excellent photo opportunities. These nearby gems make it easy to extend your visit and enjoy a day filled with beach-hopping fun.

The stunning scenery and serene vibes are sure to leave you with unforgettable memories.

Visitor Tips

Bamboo bridge leading to a small hut on rocks at Watulawang Beach during sunset.
Watulawang Beach’s bamboo bridge leading to a cozy hut on the rocks at sunset. (@53pri/Instagram)

Before you head to Watulawang Beach, pack plenty of water and snacks since food stalls are limited. For an unforgettable visit, bring your camping essentials if you plan to stay overnight. Don’t forget a good camera—this spot is perfect for capturing stunning photos.

Here are a few tips to make your trip smoother:

  • Camping essentials: Tent, sleeping bag, portable stove.
  • Photography tips: Take advantage of the golden hour for shots, use the bamboo bridge for unique angles, and capture the serene coral formations.
  • Other must-haves: Sunscreen, hats, and comfortable footwear.


Pack your bags and head to Watulawang Beach, where 90% of visitors say they felt instantly relaxed by the stunning views and tranquil vibe.

You’ll love the walk through lush rice fields, the charm of the small bamboo bridge, and the unique split beach.

With handy amenities like toilets and prayer rooms, your trip will be stress-free.

Don’t miss out on this hidden gem—it’s calling your name!



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